About DC English School について


We offer a variety of classes from basic learning classes of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary learning, to unique classes using sounds, visuals.

★ Lesson Information レッスンコース ★

You can have a fixed schedule or vary it every week.
Customize the lesson content to match your goals and pace.
Lessons by Skype, at your office, home or other location is okay.


ネイティブスピーカー自身が英語学習で使用してきたテキスト(K-12 Textbook)や英語放送のテレビ番組など、多くの教材の中から生徒さんの英語学習目的に合った教材を選定していきます。
From the many teaching materials we have ( such as English Conversation, Business English, K-12 Textbook native speakers use and English TV shows) we will choose the right material for each student’s level and purpose.


基本的にDC English Schoolでは、朝10時から夜9時までをレッスン開講時間として設定しております。
Basically, our first lesson starts at 10:00 am and our last lesson finishes at 21:00 pm. Click Here to book a lesson.


Q. What kinds of people take classes at DC English?
どんな生徒がDC Englishの授業を受けているのですか?

A. We have a variety of students attending our classes from company workers and managers, retirees and seniors, junior high school students and house wives. Our students’ English levels range from beginner to advanced speakers, and they aim to achieve fluent communication in business, academic, and social situations.
生徒は皆、ネイティブスピーカーとコミュニケーションをとる事を目的としております。 仕事をお持ちの方やすでに定年退職をされた方、高校生、大学生、主婦と、英語初級レベルから上級レベルの方まで実にバラエティーに富んだ方々がいらっしゃいます。

Q. Is it possible to take free trial classes?

A. Yes. We offer a trial to understand our lessons more.

Q. I am thinking of studying abroad, but is there a support for that?

A. For students who wish to prepare for the application to study abroad or for an internship or job at international companies ( Research on the hosting companies, contacting the company, preparing for an English interview, filling in the application), we offer a custom lesson. For more information, please contact us via email or phone.

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