Test Preparation

Whether working towards a promotion or preparing for study abroad programs, standardized tests and interviews are typically required. We offer specialized curriculum to help you develop study habits designed to assist you in improving your test results.

“Quantify, Certify and Qualify”

Periodically measuring your ability is important to confirm your progress and motivate you to higher levels.  Whether applying to educational institutions, training programs or companies, or checking that your learning investment is paying off, we can help you to prepare for standardized and customized tests.

Our test preparation helps clients to improve their Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading skills and includes:

  • EIKEN    – Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing
  • TOEIC    – Listening & Reading / Speaking & Writing
  • IELTS     – Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing
  • TOEFL   – Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing

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